BEFORE THE RAIN Feature: L'Inconnu Attend

Recently made available on Soundcloud, L'Inconnu Attend is an electronic piece saturated in swells of strings, notably punctuated by a bass-based passage towards the end. It is suitable for use in a variety of settings, including film and video game. Leave a comment or shoot me a line if you are interested in using this piece for a project of yours. I hope you enjoy it - feel free to let me know what you think of it!

REFLECTIONS: Soundtrack Available for Free Download

Great news: my 2011 album Reflections is now available to stream and download FOR FREE! Reflections very much continues in the vein of my 2010 soundtrack Waters of Contemplation, albeit with a harder edge at times. As with Waters..., Reflections comprises a collection of shorter-length orchestral tracks, suitable for use as a soundtrack. Pieces range from the epic (e.g. The Reactor), to the sweepingly grandiose (e.g. False Dichotomy, click the play button above), to the dark and minimalist (e.g. In the Afterglow).

Check it out, listen, download, love, share with everyone. Your support is appreciated!


My new bandcamp page is now online! Follow this link to stream every album, and DOWNLOAD FOR FREE every single track. What is more, to celebrate this unveiling, I have written a new song entitled "Everything Under the Sun". It is an epic and expansive movement which mourns the meaninglessness of everything "under the sun", yet there is hope to be found, as hinted at by the major-key flourishes of strings toward the end. It was inspired by the Book of Ecclesiastes.